A monkfish is an ugly looking saltwater fish that is mostly a big head and a meaty tail. For Fishermen the Monkfish was a useless by catch and in fact many thought of monkfish as monsters. Many works of art depicting sea monsters are actually drawings of monkfish, typically with their characteristic jaws agape. The meat from the Monkfish's tail section is firm, sweet and white colored. Cooked Monkfish has a firm texture. almost like Lobster Tail meat, he is getting the name: "Poor Man's Lobster." The flesh of the monkfish is so tender that the Portuguese used to call it the “Chicken of the sea.”

How long can lobsters survive without food?

How long can lobsters survive when kept in storage without food? When the shells are hard and the lobsters are full of meat, then these lobsters are in prime condition and could go without food for up to one year at low water temperatures without any noticeable change in meat quality. A hard shelled, full-meated lobster has energy reserves stored in the hepatopancreas, also known as the digestive.

Sea Bass - Line caught

Sea Bass are often called ‘King of the Sea’ The Bass is the ultimate predator feeding on small fish (e.g. sardines and mackerel) and therefore has a high oil content and fabulous taste, with a soft in texture, and a sweet flavor. When you buy line caught Bass you can be assured that the fish has been caught using the sustainable traditional fishing method of hook and line. This method has minimal environmental impact and as all fish are caught live it ensures the fish are in top condition before being stored in ice. Small fish are rarely caught, but if caught they are returned alive immediately. Line fishing also has no unwanted by-catch. So if top quality sustainably caught fish is what you’re after then line caught is the best option – insist on it from your fish supplier.

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